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La cría en jaulas y las necesidades etológicas del conejo


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Título alternativo: Cage rearing and ethological requirements of the rabbit
Author: Finzi, Alessandro
Negretti, Paolo
Macchioni, P
González Redondo, Pedro
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Ciencias Agroforestales
Date: 2009-10
Published in: XXXIV Symposium de cunicultura de la Asociación Española de Cunicultura, 141-147
Document type: Presentation
Abstract: Se relaciona una serie de ensayos planeados para averiguar las condiciones de bienestar de los conejos criados en sistemas artificiales. Se evidencia que los animales, cuando puedan escoger, prefieren quedarse en la jaula antes que en un prado, cu...
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Welfare of rabbits raised in cages has been tested for different traits. It is demonstrated that rabbits, when they can chose, prefer lying lazily in the cage instead of staying on the turf. Though in separate cages, rabbits are able to maintain a visual social relationship looking at each other more frequently than in other directions. They show also an olfactory relationship that, after an initial phase, does not need to orientate the head in direction of the other subjects, since smell comes anyway through the air. Lastly, it is shown that rabbits don’t need higher cages than the industrial (cm 35-40) since they rise their body over the height only very seldom, since they are accustomed to live in the narrow holes of their burrows. With reference to Brambell laws, most of evaluation parameters indicate that cages are suitable to rabbits even better than natural conditions.
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