Opened Access Análisis metodológico de programas "CALL"
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Autor: Sánchez Ortega, Andrés
Fecha: 2000
Publicado en: ELIA, 1, 23-38
Tipo de documento: Artículo
Resumen: In an attempt to keep pace with new technology in all aspects of today’s life, we undertook the study of the recent Second Language Acquisition methodological tendency brought about by the use of computers in the language classroom (or at the student’s home). The objective of the work is to develop a questionnaire based on the most outstanding and most generally accepted theories and principles through which one can arrive at the acquisition of the L2 (i.e. input, output, interaction, motivation, error analysis, pedagogical principles, communicative competence). Once we developed the questionnaire, we applied it to CALL programmes through a thorough analysis of their operation. We then will have an objective test of the degree of methodological principles observed in the computer programmes. One conclusion of the research is that this new teaching methodology aide is beginning to attract the attention of the students and educators alike. CALL applications can assume brilliantly the ro...
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