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El modernismo de Anglada- Camarasa y su conexión con algunos poetas contemporáneos


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Opened Access El modernismo de Anglada- Camarasa y su conexión con algunos poetas contemporáneos
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Author: Cabrera Martínez, María Lourdes
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Didáctica de la Expresión Musical y Plástica
Date: 2001
Published in: Revista Fuentes, 3, 107-116
Document type: Article
Abstract: En esta breve investigación que se realiza sobre "El Modernismo de Anglada- Camarasa y su conexión con los poetas contemporáneos", tratamos de expresar como en este brillante momento artístico las Bellas Artes en general se encontraban en total comu...
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The intention of this brief essay "The Modernism of Anglada-Camarasa and its connection with contemporany poets" is to analyse the relations among the Fine Arts during the bright epoch of the movement known as Modernism. Painters, sculptors,architects, poets, musicians and all decorative artists such as metalworkers, enamel painters, jewellers, etc.were all devoted to a similar process of inspiration and creativity. Their work was full of colour,light and romanticism, being Modernism a deeply romantic movement since it means a total rupture with the eclectic academism as well as a return to nature within which the artists express their feelings with total freldown in any artistic field. The aim of group of painters called " nabis" complies almost totally with the modernistic idea of nature, use of symbolist and romantic themes and an inspiration on oriental ornamental motives for their works...
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