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Mössbauer study of FeCoSiAlGaPCB amorphous alloys


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Opened Access Mössbauer study of FeCoSiAlGaPCB amorphous alloys

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Título alternativo: Estudio Mössbauer de FeCoSiAlGaPCB aleaciones amorfas
Author: Borrego Moro, Josefa María
Conde Amiano, Clara Francisca
Conde Amiano, Alejandro
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Física de la Materia Condensada
Date: 2004
Published in: Journal of applied physics, 95(8),4151-4156
Document type: Article
Abstract: A Mössbauer spectrometry and magnetic study have been performed on FeCoSiAlGaPCB amorphous alloys in order to get information about the variations in the atomic short range order with the substitution of Fe by Co. The decrease of the Curie temperature with decreasing Fe content was analyzed in the framework of the molecular field theory. The average hyperfine magnetic field at 77 K decreases linearly with increasing Co content as does the average magnetic moment per transition metal atom and a linear dependence between both quantities is found. The standard deviation of the hyperfine magnetic field distribution at 77 K does not change with Fe substitution and the average isomer shift increases linearly with the Co content of the alloy. The hyperfine magnetic field distributions show a bimodal character that evidences the presence of two types of Fe environments in the as-cast alloys.
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