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Permanencia alterada. Las ciudades de excavación artificial de Peter Eisenman


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Título alternativo: Altered permanence: cities of artificial excavation by Peter Eisenmann
Author: García Hípola, Mayka
Date: 2011
Published in: Proyecto, progreso, arquitectura, 4, 16-29
Document type: Article
Abstract: Eisenman superpone y entreteje tiempos distintos en sus ciudades de arqueología artificial donde a través de distintas estrategias de escalado y superposición (scaling y overlapping) se rescatan momentos pasados que se yuxtaponen con instantes futur...
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Eisenman superimposes and interweaves different times in his cities of artificial archaeology where, through different strategies of scaling and superimposition, past times are rescued and juxtaposed with future moments. The assembly, montage, and collage of different layers result in a transformation or a re-signification. In some of these cities the archaeologies were fictitious, but in others they were real but superimposed in a process of absolute artificiality. These are all examples where architecture reveals its former condition of permanence while accepting change as a chance to rethink what exists. Eisenman is the clever device that makes it possible, passing from the use of the sign to the use of text, from syntax to semantics and from grammar to memory. The projects discussed in this article pass from working with objects to working with the traces that the processes leave, such as palimpsests or operational-maps.
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