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Aprendiendo a mirar : imagen fotográfica y alfabetización audiovisual


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Título alternativo: Learning to look : photographic image and audiovisual literacy
Author: Ramírez Alvarado, María del Mar
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Comunicación Audiovisual, Publicidad y Literatura
Date: 2013
Published in: Prisma Social: revista de ciencias sociales, 11, 383-398
Document type: Article
Abstract: Este artículo centra su atención en la potencialidad de la fotografía como recurso educativo a través del desarrollo de una experiencia en el ámbito de la alfabetización audiovisual. Se trata de los Talleres de Fotografía para Niños y Niñas, imparti...
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This article is focused on the potential of photography as an educational resource through the development of an experience in the field of audiovisual literacy. This consists of Photography Workshops for Children, taught at the School of Childhood Education and Elementary José María del Campo and the Faculty of Communication at the University of Seville, which aimed to develop the ability to understand, create and produce photographic images recognizing in them a privileged means of artistic expression, communication and information. The working sessions revealed how fast children learn to handle the visual language and are able to internalize concepts such as shots, angulation, composition and sequence of images. The project has also demonstrated the kids autonomy when using a camera, the use of criteria like framing, perspective, items selection and lighting, as well as the potential of the photography as a way to approach other cultures and as useful tools for language learning.
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