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Luchas por la libertad: cuerpos en acción


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Título alternativo: Struggles for freedom: bodies in action
Author: Burgos Díaz, Elvira
Date: 2013
Published in: Thémata (2013, Vol. 48, p. 203-216)
Document type: Article
Abstract: El poder en su faceta más violenta e intolerable se ejerce de un modo selectivo y diferencial. Así que si nuestra lucha reclama que se den las condiciones materiales para que sea posible la vida, una vida que sostenga nuestras ilusiones, deseos y pr...
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In its most violent and intolerable facet, power is exercised in a selective and differential way. Therefore, if our struggle demands the material conditions that make life possible, a life that supports our hopes, desires, and projects, then we must visualize how differences matter: which ones are protected and which are marginalized. Our bodies are not abstract, they exhibit specific forms and shapes; they are sexed, gendered, sexualized, racialized, inhabited by changes and mutations. It is not that they are regardless despite differences, but rather they are in their differences. The life of the body depends on the way in which differences are articulated and socially regulated, in oppressive contexts as well as in the dynamics that reclaims freedom. Drawing on Judith Butler’s work on corporal ontology as social ontology, this paper reflects on the actions of our bodies and their meanings of freedom.
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DOI: 10.12795/themata.2013.i48.18

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