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Género en el uso del e-learning en las universidades andaluzas


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Título alternativo: Gender in the use of e-learning in universities andalusian
Author: Romero Tena, Rosalía
Department: Universidad de Sevilla. Departamento de Didáctica y Organización Educativa
Date: 2011
Published in: Profesorado, 15 (1).
Document type: Article
Abstract: Los hallazgos a los largo de estos años sobre diferencias de género en la utilización de las tecnologías en la enseñanza superior, revelan datos que nos impulsan a seguir buscando las causas que generan esas diferencias para eliminarlas. Este artí...
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The findings on over the years on gender differences in the use of technology in higher education, data show that compel us to continue to seek the causes of these differences to eliminate them. This article presents the results and conclusions of the study on the use of e-learning in Andalusian universities. Here we will present the results of the questionnaire on the perceptions of teachers and professors to 1302 respondents distributed among the universities of Andalusia. The main conclusion we can draw is that they are the teachers who have more technical knowledge and training of the different tools on the platforms but are the teachers that use them more frequently. We found no significant differences in the use of activities that can be performed on the network for the training of their students. But if we find some nuances in the development of materials and activities related to communication.
Cite: Romero Tena, R. (2011). Género en el uso del e-learning en las universidades andaluzas. Profesorado, 15 (1).
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