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Higher education of tourism in Spain and its adaptation to the European higher education area


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Opened Access Higher education of tourism in Spain and its adaptation to the European higher education area
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Author: Espasandin Bustelo, Francisco
Quirós Tomás, Francisco Javier
Díaz Fernández, María del Carmen
Date: 2010
Published in: Revista de Administração Pública, 44(5), 1191-1223
Document type: Article
Abstract: The international tourism system has deeply undergone structural changes in the last decades which not remain outside the subsystem higher education in tourism, especially in the European case. This article has two objectives: firstly, describes the European higher education area and the objectives, skills and subjects taught in the main Spanish universities that offer higher education in tourism. On the other hand, in the light of knowledge that researchers’ descriptive models, provide experience of the implementation of European credit and thorough a deeply review of the literature on the topic higher education in tourism, to propose strategies that will enable other tourism higher education systems approach to the European reality. These policy proposals are aimed at agents and elements from higher education in tourism subsystem and they specifically include: the institutions providing education in tourism, the curriculum, the teaching methods, teachers and students. O ensino superior de turismo na Espanha e sua adaptação ao sistema europeu O sistema de turismo internacional sofreu mudanças estruturais profundas nas últimas décadas que não permanecem fora do subsistema de ensino superior de turismo, especialm...
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