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      Dissociative symptoms in family foster children: [póster]  [Presentation]

      Carrera García, Pablo Tomás; Jiménez Morago, Jesús Miguel; León Manso, Esperanza; Román Rodríguez, Maite; Viedma Martín, Irene (2017)
      Adjustment problems and mental health of children in the child welfare system have been a concern for a long time. However, it hasn’t been until recently that researchers and practitioners have claimed a more in-depth and ...
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      Positive health in adopted, fostered, institutionalized and community adolescents: a comparative analysis : [póster]  [Presentation]

      Paniagua Infantes, Carmen Elisa; Moreno Rodríguez, María del Carmen; Carrera García, Pablo Tomás; Ramos Valverde, Pilar; García Moya, Irene; Moreno Maldonado, Concepción (2016)
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      Self-regulation in family foster children  [Presentation]

      Carrera García, Pablo Tomás; Román Rodríguez, Maite; León Manso, Esperanza; Viedma Martín, Irene; Jiménez Morago, Jesús Miguel (2017)
      This poster presents research on foster children’s capacities for self-regulation and its relation to adversity history. Children in family foster care are a vulnerable population due to their experiences of maltreatment ...