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      Hopf bifurcation from infinity for planar control systems  [Article]

      Llibre Saló, Jaume; Ponce Núñez, Enrique (Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Departamento de Matemáticas, 1997)
      Symmetric piecewise linear bi-dimensional systems are very common in control engineering. They constitute a class of non-differentiable vector fields for which classical Hopf bifurcation theorems are not applicable. For ...
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      On the existence and uniqueness of limit cycles in Liénard differential equations allowing discontinuities  [Article]

      Llibre Saló, Jaume; Ponce Núñez, Enrique; Torres Peral, Francisco (IOP Science, 2008)
      In this paper we study the non-existence and the uniqueness of limit cycles for the Liénard differential equation of the form x'' − f(x)x' + g(x) = 0 where the functions f and g satisfy xf(x) > 0 and xg(x) > 0 for x ≠ 0 ...