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      A faithful functor among algebras and graphs  [Presentation]

      Falcón Ganfornina, Óscar Jesús; Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel; Núñez Valdés, Juan; Pacheco Martínez, Ana María; Villar Liñán, María Trinidad (Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, 2016)
      The problem of identifying a functor between the categories of algebras and graphs is currently open. Based on a known algorithm that identifies isomorphisms of Latin squares with isomorphism of vertex-colored graphs, we ...
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      Computing the sets of totally symmetric and totally conjugate orthogonal partial Latin squares by means of a SAT solver  [Presentation]

      Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel; Falcón Ganfornina, Óscar Jesús; Núñez Valdés, Juan (Computational and Mathematical Methods in Science and Engineering, 2017-07)
      Conjugacy and orthogonality of Latin squares have been widely studied in the literature not only for their theoretical interest in combinatorics, but also for their applications in distinct fields as experimental design, ...