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      Density dependence of 2p-2h meson-exchange currents  [Article]

      Amaro, J. E.; Barbaro, M. B.; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; de Pace, A.; Donnelly, T. W.; Megias, G. D.; Ruiz Simo, I. (American Physical Society, 2017-06-12)
      We analyze the density dependence of the contribution of meson-exchange currents to the lepton-nucleus inclusive cross section in the two-particle two-hole channel. The model is based on the relativistic Fermi gas, where ...
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      Meson-exchange currents and quasielastic predictions for charged-current neutrino-12C scattering in the superscaling approach  [Article]

      Megías Vázquez, Guillermo Daniel; Donnelly, T. W.; Moreno, O.; Williamson, C. F.; Caballero Carretero, Juan Antonio; González Jiménez, Raúl; de Pace, A.; Barbaro, M. B. (American Physical Society, 2015-04-07)
      We evaluate and discuss the impact of meson-exchange currents (MECs) on charged-current quasielastic neutrino cross sections. We consider the nuclear transverse response arising from two-particle two-hole states excited ...