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      Immunohistochemical assessment of Pax8 expression during pancreatic islet development and in human neuroendocrine tumors  [Article]

      Lorenzo, Petra I.; Jiménez Moreno, Carmen María; Delgado, Irene; Cobo Vuilleumier, Nadia; Meier, Rafael; Gómez Izquierdo, Lourdes; Berney, Thierry; García Carbonero, Rocío; Rojas, Anabel; Gauthier, Benoit R. (Springer Verlag, 2011)
      The paired box transcription factor Pax8 is critical for development of the eye, thyroid gland as well as the urinary and reproductive organs. In adult, Pax8 overexpression is associated with kidney, ovarian and thyroid ...
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      PAX4 preserves endoplasmic reticulum integrity preventing beta cell degeneration in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes mellitus  [Article]

      Mellado Gil, José Manuel; Jiménez Moreno, Carmen María; Martín Montalvo, Alejandro; Álvarez Mercado, Anabel; Fuente Martín, Esther; Cobo Vuilleumier, Nadia; Lorenzo, Petra Isabel; Gracia Herrera-Gómez, Irene de; López Noriega, Livia; Quesada, Iván; Gauthier, Benoit R. (Springer Nature, 2016)
      [Aims/hypothesis]: A strategy to enhance pancreatic islet functional beta cell mass (BCM) while restraining inflammation, through the manipulation of molecular and cellular targets, would provide a means to counteract the ...