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      Overdamped deterministic ratchets driven by multifrequency forces  [Presentation]

      Cubero, David; Casado Pascual, Jesús; Álvarez Chillida, María Azucena; Morillo Buzón, Manuel; Hänggi, Peter (Jagellonian University, Cracow, 2006)
      We investigate a dissipative, deterministic ratchet model in the overdamped regime driven by a rectangular force. Extensive numerical calculations are presented in a diagram depicting the drift velocity as a function of a ...
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      Quantum stochastic synchronization  [Article]

      Morillo Buzón, Manuel; Goychuk, Igor; Casado Pascual, Jesús; Lehmann, Jörg; Hänggi, Peter (American Physical Society, 2006-11-27)
      We study, within the spin-boson dynamics, the synchronization of a quantum tunneling system with an external, time-periodic driving signal. As a main result, we find that at a sufficiently large system-bath coupling strength ...
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      Rocking bistable systems: Use and abuse of linear response theory  [Article]

      Casado Pascual, Jesús; Gómez Ordóñez, José; Morillo Buzón, Manuel; Hänggi, Peter (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2002-05-01)
      The response of a nonlinear stochastic system driven by an external sinusoidal time-dependent force is studied by a variety of numerical and analytical approximations. The validity of linear response theory is put to a ...
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      Statistics of work and fluctuation theorems for microcanonical initial states  [Article]

      Talkner, Peter; Morillo Buzón, Manuel; Yi, Juyeon; Hänggi, Peter (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2013)
      Work performed on a system in a microcanonical state by changes in a control parameter is characterized in terms of its statistics. The transition probabilities between eigenstates of the system Hamiltonians at the beginning ...
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      Thermal equilibrium and statistical thermometers in special relativity  [Article]

      Cubero, David; Casado Pascual, Jesús; Dunkel, Jörn; Talkner, Peter; Hänggi, Peter (American Physical Society, 2007)
      There is an intense debate in the recent literature about the correct generalization of Maxwell’s velocity distribution in special relativity. The most frequently discussed candidate distributions include the Jüttner ...