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    • IconCombining regular decimation and dual graph contraction for hierarchical image segmentation  [Article]

      Torres García, Fuensanta; Marfil Robles, Rebeca; Haxhimusa, Yll; Bandera Rubio, Antonio (Universidad de Sevilla, 2010)
      The Bounded Irregular Pyramid (BIP) is a hierarchical structure for image representation whose aim is to combine concepts from regular and irregular pyramids. The data structure is a combination of the simplest regular and ...
    • IconTopology-preserving perceptual segmentation using the Combinatorial Pyramid  [Article]

      Antúnez Ortiz, Esther; Marfil Robles, Rebeca; Bandera Rubio, Antonio (Universidad de Sevilla, 2010)
      Scene understanding and other high-level visual tasks usually rely on segmenting the captured images for dealing with a more efficient mid-level representation. Although this segmentation stage will consider topological ...