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      A Biological Perspective on Sorting with P Systems  [Presentation]

      Ardelean, Ioan I.; Ceterchi, Rodica; Tomescu, Alexandru Ioan (Fénix Editora, 2008)
      The aim of this contribution is to argue that the processes occurring in biological membranes in bacteria are also important as natural examples of communication between membranes, which, in the formal framework of P ...
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      Membrane Proteins as Maxwell’s Demons and Their Significance for P Systems  [Presentation]

      Ardelean, Ioan I.; Moisescu, Cristina; Lazaroaie, Mihaela Marilena (Fénix Editora, 2008)
      The aim of these notes is to contribute to the dialog between P systems and Biological Sciences focussing on membrane proteins involved either in iron transport inside the bacterial cells or in elimination outside the ...