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      Analysis of the influence of the block in the dynamic properties of domestic buildings with masonry structure  [Presentation]

      Vázquez Vicente, Enrique; Sánchez Sánchez, José; Rodríguez-León, María Teresa (Víctor Compán Cardiel [etc.], 2015)
      The modal analysis of a building, performed by finite element method, is usually made in a building isolated model. In the case of traditional buildings with masonry structure, this simplification can be very unrealistic, ...
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      Informes de reflexión en la docencia de Estructuras mediante aprendizaje basado en problemas  [Presentation]

      Delgado Trujillo, Antonio; Justo Moscardó, Enrique de; Molina Huelva, Marta; Rodríguez-León, María Teresa (2017)
      We do a synthesis about the state of knowledge related to reflection in learning: meaning, purpose and strategies. We introduce a case study in the subject Structures 1 in the Architecture degree at the University of ...
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      Un nuevo modelo didáctico para el aprendizaje activo de Estructuras  [Presentation]

      Rodríguez-León, María Teresa; Delgado Trujillo, Antonio; Justo Moscardó, Enrique de (2017)
      Within the framework of the Faculty Training and Educational Innovation Program of the University of Seville, during the 2016-2017 academic year, a new didactic model was developed for the teaching of structures, whose ...
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      Optimization of connections for spatial modular structures  [Presentation]

      Rodríguez-León, María Teresa; Sánchez Sánchez, Jesús; Vázquez Vicente, Enrique (Víctor Compán Cardiel [etc.], 2015)
      Every year Seville’s city Council orders the construction of a giant gateway for the celebration of the April Fair. These constructions, whose dimensions are approximately 50 meters length, 40 meters height and variable ...