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      Open and Flexible Embedded System Applied to Positioning and Telecontrol  [Article]

      Medina Rodríguez, Ana Verónica; Rivera Romero, Octavio; Oviedo Olmedo, David; Dorronzoro Zubiete, Enrique; Gómez González, Isabel María (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
      This paper presents the development and testing of an open and flexible embedded system applied to positioning and telecontrol (OFESAPO) for outdoor applications. The system is composed of a control center (CC) and a ...
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      Smart Footwear Insole for Recognition of Foot Pronation and Supination Using Neural Networks  [Article]

      Domínguez Morales, Manuel Jesús; Luna Perejón, Francisco; Miró Amarante, María Lourdes; Hernández Velázquez, María Dolores; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis (MDPI, 2019)
      Abnormal foot postures during gait are common sources of pain and pathologies of the lower limbs. Measurements of foot plantar pressures in both dynamic and static conditions can detect these abnormal foot postures and ...