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      A 800 kW wind-diesel test bench based on the MADE AE-52 variable speed wind turbine  [Presentation]

      Sánchez Segura, Juan Antonio; Moreno-Alfonso, Narciso; Vázquez Pérez, Sergio; Carrasco Solís, Juan Manuel; Galván Díez, Eduardo; Batista, C.; Hurtado, S.; Costales, G. (IEEE Xplore, 2003)
      A field work have been made about the practical installation of a wind-diesel autonomous power system. A remarkable innovation on the control of the latter wind-diesel system is the ability of taking advantage of the kinetic ...
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      A Market-Based Analysis on the Main Characteristics of Gearboxes Used in Onshore Wind Turbines  [Article]

      Vázquez-Hernández, Cristina; Serrano-González, Javier; Centeno Báez, Gabriel (MDPI, 2017-10-25)
      Even though wind energy is one of the most mature renewable technologies, it is in continuous development not only because of the trend towards larger wind turbines but also because of the development of new technological ...