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      Securing a wireless sensor network for human tracking: a review of solutions  [Article]

      Carrasco Muñoz, Alejandro; Alcaraz, Francisco; Barbancho Concejero, Julio; Larios Marín, Diego Francisco; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis (Wiley, 2014)
      Currently, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are formed by devices with limited resources and limited power energy availability. Thanks to their cost effectiveness, flexibility, and ease of deployment, wireless sensor ...
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      Smart Footwear Insole for Recognition of Foot Pronation and Supination Using Neural Networks  [Article]

      Domínguez Morales, Manuel Jesús; Luna Perejón, Francisco; Miró Amarante, María Lourdes; Hernández Velázquez, María Dolores; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis (MDPI, 2019)
      Abnormal foot postures during gait are common sources of pain and pathologies of the lower limbs. Measurements of foot plantar pressures in both dynamic and static conditions can detect these abnormal foot postures and ...
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      Soft real-time communications over Bluetooth under interferences from ISM devices  [Article]

      Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Cascado Caballero, Daniel; Díaz del Río, Fernando; Vicente Díaz, Saturnino; Jiménez Moreno, Gabriel; Civit Balcells, Antón (John Wiley and Sons, 2006)
      Bluetooth is a suitable technology to support soft real-time applications like multimedia streams at the personal area network level. In this paper, we analytically evaluate the worst-case deadline failure probability ...
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      Special issue on performance evaluation of communication networks and systems. Guest editorial  [Article]

      Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Obaidat, Mohammad S. (2011)
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      Special Issue: Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems  [Article]

      Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Obaidat, Mohammad S. (2012)
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      STDP and STDP Variations with Memristors for Spiking Neuromorphic Learning Systems  [Article]

      Indiveri, Giacomo; Linares Barranco, Bernabé; Masquelier, T.; Serrano Gotarredona, María Teresa; Prodromakis, T. (2013)
      In this paper we review several ways of realizing asynchronous Spike-Timing-DependentPlasticity (STDP) using memristors as synapses. Our focus is on how to use individual memristors to implement synaptic weight ...
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      Stereo Matching in Address-Event-Representation (AER) Bio-Inspired Binocular Systems in a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)  [Article]

      Domínguez Morales, Manuel Jesús; Domínguez Morales, Juan Pedro; Jiménez Fernández, Ángel Francisco; Linares Barranco, Alejandro; Jiménez Moreno, Gabriel (MDPI, 2019)
      In stereo-vision processing, the image-matching step is essential for results, although it involves a very high computational cost. Moreover, the more information is processed, the more time is spent by the matching ...
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      Synchronization of multihop wireless sensor networks at the application layer  [Article]

      Marco Marco, Álvaro; Casas, Roberto; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Coarasa, Victorián; Asensio, Ángel; Obaidat, Mohammad S. (IEEE Computer Society, 2011)
      Time synchronization is a key issue in wireless sensor networks; timestamping collected data, tasks scheduling, and efficient communications are just some applications. From all the existing techniques to achieve ...
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      Tailoring motivational health messages for smoking cessation using an mHealth recommender system integrated with an electronic health record: a study protocol  [Article]

      Hors Fraile, Santiago; Schneider, Francine; Fernández Luque, Luis; Luna Perejón, Francisco; Civit Balcells, Antón; Spachos, Dimitris; Bamidis, Panagiotis D.; Vries, Hein de (BMC, 2018)
      Background: Smoking is one of the most avoidable health risk factors, and yet the quitting success rates are low. The usage of tailored health messages to support quitting has been proved to increase quitting success ...
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      The minimum maximal k-partial-matching problem  [Article]

      García Vargas, Ignacio; Senhadji Navarro, Raouf (Springer, 2013)
      In this paper, we introduce a new problem related to bipartite graphs called minimum maximal k-partial-matching (MMKPM) which has been modelled by using a relaxation of the concept of matching in a graph. The MMKPM problem ...
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      The Potential of Self-Management mHealth for Pediatric Cystic Fibrosis: Mixed-Methods Study for Health Care and App Assessment  [Article]

      Martínez-Millana, Antonio; Zetti, Annabel; Floch, Jacqueline; Calvo-Lerma, Joaquim; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Ribes-Koninckx, Carmen; Traver Salcedo, Vicente (JMIR Publications, 2019)
      Background: Remote care services and patient empowerment have boosted mobile health (mHealth). A study of user needs related to mHealth for pediatric cystic fibrosis (PCF) identified the set of preferred features mobile ...
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      Towards a cloud‑based automated surveillance system using wireless technologies  [Article]

      Salmerón García, Javier Jesús; Dries, Sjoerd van den; Díaz del Río, Fernando; Morgado Estévez, Arturo; Sevillano Ramos, José Luis; Molengraft, M. J. G. van de (Springer, 2019)
      Cloud Computing can bring multiple benefits for Smart Cities. It permits the easy creation of centralized knowledge bases, thus straightforwardly enabling that multiple embedded systems (such as sensor or control devices) ...
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      TPU Cloud-Based Generalized U-Net for Eye Fundus Image Segmentation  [Article]

      Civit-Masot, Javier; Luna Perejón, Francisco; Vicente Díaz, Saturnino; Rodríguez Corral, José María; Civit Balcells, Antón (IEEE Computer Society, 2019)
      Medical images from different clinics are acquired with different instruments and settings. To perform segmentation on these images as a cloud-based service we need to train with multiple datasets to increase the ...
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      Using the Social-Local-Mobile App for Smoking Cessation in the SmokeFreeBrain Project: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial  [Article]

      Jódar Sánchez, Francisco; Carrasco Hernández, Laura; Núñez Benjumea, Francisco José; Mesa González, Marco Antonio; Moreno Conde, Jesús; Parra Calderón, Carlos Luis; Fernández Luque, Luis; Hors Fraile, Santiago; Civit Balcells, Antón; Bamidis, Panagiotis D.; Ortega Ruiz, Francisco (JMIR Publications, 2018)
      Background: Smoking is considered the main cause of preventable illness and early deaths worldwide. The treatment usually prescribed to people who wish to quit smoking is a multidisciplinary intervention, combining both ...
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      Wearable Fall Detector Using Recurrent Neural Networks  [Article]

      Luna Perejón, Francisco; Domínguez Morales, Manuel Jesús; Civit Balcells, Antón (MDPI, 2019)
      Falls have become a relevant public health issue due to their high prevalence and negative effects in elderly people. Wearable fall detector devices allow the implementation of continuous and ubiquitous monitoring systems. ...
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      Wireless Sensor Network for Wildlife Tracking and Behavior Classification of Animals in Doñana  [Article]

      Domínguez Morales, Juan Pedro; Ríos Navarro, José Antonio; Domínguez Morales, Manuel Jesús; Tapiador Morales, Ricardo; Gutiérrez Galán, Daniel; Cascado Caballero, Daniel; Jiménez Fernández, Ángel Francisco; Linares Barranco, Alejandro (IEEE Computer Society, 2016)
      The study and monitoring of wildlife has always been a subject of great interest. Studying the behavior of wild animals is a difficult task due to the difficulties of tracking and classifying their actions. Nowadays, ...