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      Inf-Sup Stable Finite Element Methods for the Landau--Lifshitz--Gilbert and Harmonic Map Heat Flow Equations  [Article]

      Gutiérrez Santacreu, Juan Vicente; Restelli, Marco (SIAM: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2017)
      In this paper we propose and analyze a finite element method for both the harmonic map heat and Landau–Lifshitz–Gilbert equation, the time variable remaining continuous. Our starting point is to set out a unified saddle ...
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      Infinite graph embeddings on tubular surfaces  [Article]

      Boza Prieto, Luis; Fedriani Martel, Eugenio Manuel; Márquez Pérez, Alberto; Núñez Valdés, Juan; Revuelta Marchena, María Pastora (2001)
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      Inmersiones condicionadas de grafos en superficies y seudosuperficies  [Article]

      Fedriani Martel, Eugenio Manuel; Boza Prieto, Luis (1999)
      En este traba jo se procede a recapitular resultados conocidos sobre el problema de caracterizar los grafos que admiten inmersiones en super cies y en seudosuper - cies con todos los v ertices en la misma cara y se da ...
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      Integration of a CAS/DGS as a CAD system in the mathematics curriculum for architecture students  [Article]

      Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel (Taylor & Francis, 2011-09-15)
      Students of Architecture and Building Engineering Degrees work withComputer Aided Design systems daily in order to design and modelarchitectonic constructions. Since this kind of software is based on thecreation and ...
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      Invariant representative cocycles of cohomology generators using irregular graph pyramids  [Article]

      González Díaz, Rocío; Ion, Adrián; Iglesias Ham, Mabel; Kropatsch, Walter G. (2011)
      Structural pattern recognition describes and classifies data based on the relationships of features and parts. Topological invariants, like the Euler number, characterize the structure of objects of any dimension. Cohomology ...
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      Isogroups and isosubgroups  [Article]

      Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel; Núñez Valdés, Juan (Real Academia de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, 2003)
      The main goal of this paper is to give a mathematical foundation, serious and consistent, to some parts of Santilli’s isotheory. We study the isotopic liftings of groups and subgroups and we also deal with the differences ...
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      Leibniz algebras associated with representations of filiform Lie algebras  [Article]

      Ayupov, Sh. A.; Camacho Santana, Luisa María; Khudoyberdiyev, Abror Kh.; Omirov, Bakhrom Abdazovich (Elsevier, 2015)
      In this paper we investigate Leibniz algebras whose quotient Lie algebra is a naturally graded filiform Lie algebra nn,1. We introduce a Fock module for the algebra nn,1 and provide classification of Leibniz algebras L ...
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      Leibniz Algebras Constructed by Representations of General Diamond Lie Algebras  [Article]

      Camacho Santana, Luisa María; Karimjanov, I.A.; Ladra, M.; Omirov, Bakhrom Abdazovich (Springer, 2019)
      In this paper we construct a minimal faithful representation of the (2m + 2)- dimensional complex general Diamond Lie algebra, Dm(C), which is isomorphic to a subalgebra of the special linear Lie algebra sl(m + 2, C). ...
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      Leibniz algebras constructed by Witt algebras  [Article]

      Camacho Santana, Luisa María; Omirov, Bakhrom Abdazovich; Kurbanbaev, T.K. (Taylor and Francis, 2018)
      We describe infinite-dimensional Leibniz algebras whose associated Lie algebra is the Witt algebra and we prove the triviality of low-dimensional Leibniz cohomology groups of the Witt algebra with the coefficients in itself.
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      Leibniz algebras of Heisenberg type  [Article]

      Calderón, Antonio J.; Camacho Santana, Luisa María; Omirov, Bakhrom Abdazovich (Elsevier, 2016)
      We introduce and provide a classification theorem for the class of Heisenberg-Fock Leibniz algebras. This category of algebras is formed by those Leibniz algebras L whose corresponding Lie algebras are Heisenberg algebras ...
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      Leibniz Algebras Whose Semisimple Part is Related to sl2  [Article]

      Camacho Santana, Luisa María; Gómez Vidal, S.; Omirov, Bakhrom Abdazovich; Karimjanov, I. A. (Springer, 2017)
      In this paper we identify the structure of complex finite-dimensional Leibniz algebras with associated Lie algebras sl1 2⊕sl2 2⊕· · ·⊕sls 2⊕R, where R is a solvable radical. The classifications of such Leibniz algebras ...
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      Leibniz algebras with associated Lie algebras sl_2\dot{+} R (dim R=2)  [Article]

      Camacho Santana, Luisa María; Gómez Vidal, S.; Omirov, Bakhrom Abdazovich (Cornell University, 2011)
      From the theory of finite dimensional Lie algebras it is known that every finite dimensional Lie algebra is decomposed into a semidirect sum of semisimple subalgebra and solvable radical. Moreover, due to work of ...
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      Local refinement based on the 7-triangle longest-edge partition  [Article]

      Plaza, Ángel; Márquez Pérez, Alberto; Moreno González, Auxiliadora; Suárez, José P. (2009)
      The triangle longest-edge bisection constitutes an efficient scheme for refining a mesh by reducing the obtuse triangles, since the largest interior angles are subdivided. In this paper we specifically introduce a new local ...
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      Locally grid graphs: classification and Tutte uniqueness  [Article]

      Márquez Pérez, Alberto; Mier, Anna de; Noy, Marc; Revuelta Marchena, María Pastora (2003)
      We define a locally grid graph as a graph in which the structure around each vertex is a 3×3 grid ⊞, the canonical examples being the toroidal grids Cp×Cq. The paper contains two main results. First, we give a complete ...
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      Locating Two Transfer Points on a Network with a Trip Covering Criterion and Mixed Distances  [Article]

      López de los Mozos Martín, María Cruz; Mesa López-Colmenar, Juan Antonio; Schöbel, Anita (Cornell University, 2013)
      In this paper we consider a set of origin-destination pairs in a mixed model in which a network embedded in the plane represents an alternative high-speed transportation system, and study a trip covering problem which ...
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      Locating waste pipelines to minimize their impact on marine environment  [Article]

      Cáceres Sansaloni, María Teresa; Mesa López-Colmenar, Juan Antonio; Ortega Riejos, Francisco Alonso (Elsevier, 2007)
      A waste pipeline, considered as an undesirable facility, is to be located in a coastal region. Two criteria are taken into account, the Euclidean distance from a given set of protected areas (coral reefs and sandbanks) ...
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      Long-Term Stability Estimates and Existence of a Global Attractor in a Finite Element Approximation of the Navier–Stokes Equations with Numerical Subgrid Scale Modeling  [Article]

      Badia, Santiago; Codina, Ramón; Gutiérrez Santacreu, Juan Vicente (SIAM, 2010)
      Variational multiscale methods lead to stable finite element approximations of the Navier–Stokes equations, dealing with both the indefinite nature of the system (pressure stability) and the velocity stability loss for ...
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      Matemáticas para la evaluación de la sostenibilidad en arquitectura  [Article]

      Ortega Riejos, Francisco Alonso (2007)
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      Mathematical foundations of Santilli isotopies  [Article]

      Falcón Ganfornina, Raúl Manuel; Núñez Valdés, Juan; Aversa, Alan (Hadronic Press, 2015)
      The main objective of this text is to present the most basic and fundamental aspects of the isotopic Lie-Santilli theory, more commonly known as Lie-Santilli isotheory or simply isotheory, for short. To achieve this goal, ...
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      MATLAB y algunas de sus aplicaciones  [Article]

      Montes Contreras, Celestino; Navarro Domínguez, María de los Ángeles (1995)