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      Absolute Configuration of Falcarinol (9Z-heptadeca-1,9-diene-4,6- diyn-3-ol) from Pastinaca sativa  [Article]

      Corell González, Mireia; Sheehyb, Eimilee; Evans, Paul; Brunton, Nigel; Valverde, Juan (Natural Product Communications, 2013)
      Falcarinol (9Z-heptadeca-1,9-diene-4,6-diyn-3-ol; 1) is a polyacetylene commonly found in several plant families. The absolute configuration of naturally occurring 1 is not clear and contradictory results have been reported ...
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      Cavity losses estimation in CSP applications  [Presentation]

      Herruzo, Juan C.; Valverde, Juan; Herrada Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel; Galán Vioque, Jorge Francisco (American Institute of Physics, 2018)
      Estimations of convection and radiation cavity losses in two common CSP applications have been analyzed; a cavity in a solar tower plant for high temperature (800 K) and in a down facing cavity in a Fresnel configuration ...