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      Cohesion and Internal Friction of Fine Glass Beads as Affected by Small Intensity Vertical Vibration  [Article]

      Castellanos Mata, Antonio; Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Sánchez Quintanilla, Miguel Angel (2009)
      We have used a novel centrifuge powder tester to obtain the angle of internal friction and cohesion of fine glass beads as affected by previous vibration in the vertical direction. In the experimental procedure we use a ...
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      Dependence on plasma shape and plasma fueling for small ELM regimes in TCV and ASDEX Upgrade  [Article]

      Labit, B.; Eich, T.; Harrer, G.; Wolfrum, E.; Bernert, M.; Jet Contributors; García Muñoz, Manuel; Ayllón Guerola, Juan Manuel; Cano Megías, Pilar; Cruz Zabala, Diego José; Domínguez-Palacios Durán, Jesús José; Galdón Quiroga, Joaquín; García López, Francisco Javier; González Martín, Jose Mauro; Rodríguez Ramos, María José; Sanchís Sánchez, Lucía; Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Toscano Jiménez, Manuel; Viezzer, Eleonora (2019-08)
      Within the EUROfusion MST1 Work Package, a series of experiments has been conducted on AUG and TCV devices to disentangle the role of plasma fueling and plasma shape for the onset of small ELM regimes. On both devices, ...
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      Dynamical weakening of pyroclastic flows by mechanical vibrations  [Presentation]

      Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Roche, Olivier (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Dynamical weakening of dense granular flows plays a critical role on diverse geological events such as seismic faulting and landslides. A common feature of these processes is the development of fluid-solid relative flows ...
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      Mechanical Strength of Humidified Glass Beads  [Presentation]

      Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Castellanos Mata, Antonio (AIP Publishing, 2009)
      In this work we measure the mechanical strength of a bed of glass beads that has been previously subjected to a controlled flow of humid air by using a fluidized bed setup. The material is first initialized in a reproducible ...
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      Modeling the electrophoretic deposition of colloidal particles  [Article]

      Pérez Izquierdo, Alberto Tomás; Saville, Dudley; Soria del Hoyo, Carlos (IOP Publishing Ltd., 2001)
      This letter presents the results of numerical simulations of the buildup of a layer of colloidal particles on an electrode. In a low-frequency electric field, particles suspended in a low-conductivity liquid migrate to one ...
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      Multi-species simulation of Trichel pulses in oxygen  [Presentation]

      Durán Olivencia, Francisco José; Pontiga Romero, Francisco de Paula; Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Castellanos Mata, Antonio (2012)
      A multi-species model consisting of seven species has been implemented to simulate the generation and development of Trichel pulses in oxygen between a sphere (the cathode) and a plane (the anode). The spatial and temporal ...
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      Synthesis of a nanosilica supported CO2 sorbent in a fluidized bed reactor  [Article]

      Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Ommen, J.R. van; Sánchez Jiménez, Pedro Enrique; Pérez Maqueda, Luis Allan; Sayagués de Vega, María Jesús (Elsevier, 2015)
      CaO has been deposited on a nanosilica powder matrix by a procedure based on atomic layer deposition (ALD) in a fluidized bed reactor at atmospheric pressure following a potentially scalable process. In previous works ALD ...
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      The charged bouncing ball: An experimental model for period-doubling bifurcation  [Article]

      Soria del Hoyo, Carlos; Ramos Reyes, Antonio; Pérez Izquierdo, Alberto Tomás (IOP Publishing Ltd., 1997-03-10)
      This paper presents an experimental and theoretical study of the dynamics of a conducting ball in a poorly conducting liquid subjected to an electric field. When the applied voltage is constant the ball bounces regularly ...
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      Vibration-induced dynamical weakening of pyroclastic flows: Insights from rotating drum experiments  [Article]

      Valverde Millán, José Manuel; Soria del Hoyo, Carlos (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)
      Pyroclastic flows are characterized by their high mobility, which is often attributed to gas fluidization of the usually fine and/or low-density particles. However, the physical mechanism that might drive sustained ...