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      Caspase-8 inhibition represses initial human monocyte activation in septic shock model  [Article]

      Oliva Martín, María José; Sánchez Abarca, Luis Ignacio; Rodhe, Johanna; Carrillo Jiménez, Alejandro; Vlachos, Pinelopi; Herrera Carmona, Antonio José; García Quintanilla, Alberto; Caballero Velázquez, Teresa; Venero Recio, José Luis (Impact Journals, 2016)
      In septic patients, the onset of septic shock occurs due to the over-activation of monocytes. We tested the therapeutic potential of directly targeting innate immune cell activation to limit the cytokine storm and downstream ...
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      Sensitivity of hematopoietic stem cells to mitochondrial dysfunction by SdhD gene deletion  [Article]

      Bejarano García, José Antonio; Millán-Uclés, África; Valle Rosado, Iván; Sánchez Abarca, Luis Ignacio; Caballero Velázquez, Teresa; Durán Galván, María José; Pérez Simón, José Antonio; Piraut Palomo, José Ignacio (2016)
      It is established that hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) in the hypoxic bone marrow have adapted their metabolism to oxygen-limiting conditions. This adaptation includes suppression of mitochondrial activity, induction of ...
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      The Dynamics of the Human Leukocyte Antigen Head Domain Modulates Its Recognition by the T-Cell Receptor  [Article]

      García Guerrero, Estefanía; Pérez Simón, José Antonio; Sánchez Abarca, Luis Ignacio; Díaz Moreno, Irene; Rosa Acosta, Miguel Ángel de la; Díaz Quintana, Antonio Jesús (Public Library of Science, 2016)
      Generating the immune response requires the discrimination of peptides presented by the human leukocyte antigen complex (HLA) through the T-cell receptor (TCR). However, how a single amino acid substitution in the antigen ...