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      Emergence of a new race of leaf rust with combined virulence to Lr14a and Lr72 genes on durum wheat  [Article]

      Soleiman, Nour H.; Solís Martel, Ignacio; Soliman, Mahmoud H.; Villegas, D.; Sillero Sánchez de la Puerta, Josefa C.; Álvaro, Fanny; Royo, C.; Serra, J.; Ammar, Karim; Martínez Moreno, Fernando Bienvenido (Spanish National Institute for Agricultural and Food Research and Technology, 2016)
      Leaf rust is a foliar disease caused by the fungus Puccinia triticina that may severely reduce durum wheat yield. Resistance to this pathogen is common in modern durum germplasm but is frequently based on Lr72 and Lr14a. ...
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      Growth of Carbonaceous Nanomaterials over Stainless Steel Foams. Effect of Activation Temperature  [Article]

      Latorre, N.; Cazaña, F.; Sebastián, V.; Royo, C.; Romeo, E.; Centeno Gallego, Miguel Ángel; Monzón, A. (Elsevier, 2016)
      Some of the problems that occur during the operation of chemical reactors based of structured catalytic substrates, as monoliths, foams, membranes, cloths, fibres and other systems, are related to the preparation of long ...