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      A comparison of formulations and solution methods for the minimum-envy location problem. Additional results  [Article]

      Espejo Miranda, María Inmaculada; Marín Pérez, Alfredo; Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (2008)
      We consider a discrete facility location problem with a new form of equity criterion. The model discussed in the paper analyzes the case where demand points only have strict preference order on the sites where the plants ...
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      A flexible approach to location problems  [Article]

      Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel; Nickel, Stefan; Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Fernández García, Francisco Ramón (Springer, 2000-02)
      When dealing with location problems we are usually given a set of existing facilities and we are looking for the location of one or several new facilities. In the classical approaches weights are assigned to existing ...
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      Avances sobre el problema de localización continua de un único centro  [PhD Thesis]

      Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (1998)
      "El objetivo de la Teoría de la Localización consiste en determinar una o varias localizaciones para uno o más servicios con respecto a un conjunto de ubicaciones conocidas a priori, que usualmente denominamos puntos de ...
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      Convex analysis applied to location theory  [Presentation]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (2007)
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      Location problems with multiple criteria  [Chapter of Book]

      Nickel, Stefan; Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (Springer, 2015)
      This chapter analyzes multicriteria continuous, network, and discrete location problems. In the continuous framework, we provide a complete description of the set of weak Pareto, Pareto, and strict Pareto locations for a ...
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      Modelos de localización continua  [Article]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (Sociedad Española de Matemática Aplicada, 2004)
      En este trabajo se revisan tres modelos de problemas de localización continua: (1) un problema general de localización con respecto a regiones de demanda; (2) el problema de la mediana ordenada y (3) un problema ...
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      New results on minimax regret single facility ordered median location problems on networks  [Article]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel; Tamir, Arie (Springer, 2007)
      We consider the single facility ordered median location problem with uncertainty in the parameters (weights) defining the objective function. We study two cases. In the first case the uncertain weights belong to a region ...
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      On the exponential cardinality of FDS for the ordered p-median problem  [Article]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (Elsevier, 2005)
      We study finite dominating sets (FDS) for the ordered median problem. This kind of problems allows to deal simultaneously with a large number of models. We show that there is no valid polynomial size FDS for the general ...
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      Ordered median hub location problems with capacity constraints  [Article]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Ramos Gallego, Ana Belén; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel; Sánchez Gil, María Carmen (Elsevier, 2015-06-15)
      The Single Allocation Ordered Median Hub Location problem is a recent hub model introduced in [36] J. Puerto, A.B. Ramos, and A.M. Rodríguez-Chía. Single-Allocation Ordered Median Hub Location Problems. Computers and ...
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      Robust mean absolute deviation problems on networks with linear vertex weights  [Article]

      López de los Mozos Martín, María Cruz; Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (Wiley, 2013)
      This article deals with incorporating the mean absolute deviation objective function in several robust single facility location models on networks with dynamic evolution of node weights, which are modeled by means of ...
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      Robust positioning of service units  [Article]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel (Taylor & Francis, 2003)
      In this paper, we address the problem of locating mobile service units to cover random incidents. The model does not assume complete knowledge of the probability distribution of the location of the incident to be covered. ...
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      The bi-criteria doubly weighted center-median path problem on a tree  [Article]

      Puerto Albandoz, Justo; Rodríguez Chía, Antonio Manuel; Tamir, Arie; Pérez Brito, Dionisio (Wiley, 2006-07)
      Given a tree network T with n nodes, let PL be the subset of all discrete paths whose length is bounded above by a prespecified value L. We consider the location of a path-shaped facility P ∈ PL, where customers are represented ...