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    • PhD Thesis

      Contributions to Exergy-Based Model Predictive Control of Renewable Energy Systems 

      Ortiz Machado, Diogo (2022-12-01)
      The thematic unit of this thesis is the control of solar thermal concentrating plants. The work is divided into three ...
    • Article

      Digital twin of a Fresnel solar collector for solar cooling 

      Ortiz Machado, Diogo; Chicaiza Salazar, William David; Escaño González, Juan Manuel; Gallego Len, Antonio Javier; Andrade, Gustavo A. de; Normey Rico, Julio Elías; Bordons Alba, Carlos; Camacho, Eduardo F. (Elsevier, 2023-03)
      This work develops digital entities of a commercial Fresnel Solar Collector (FSC) installed in an absorption cooling plant. ...
    • Presentation

      Neuro-Fuzzy Digital Twin of a High Temperature Generator 

      Chicaiza Salazar, William David; Ortiz Machado, Diogo; Gallego Len, Antonio Javier; Escaño González, Juan Manuel; Bordons Alba, Carlos; Andrade, Gustavo A. de; Normey Rico, Julio Elías (Elsevier, 2022)
      Solar absorption plants are renewable energy systems with a special advantage: the cooling demand follows the solar energy ...