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      A dual tool. The role of the ripoptosome in phagocytic cell activation and differentiation  [PhD Thesis]

      Oliva Martín, María José (2015-10-19)
      El término ripoptosoma hace referencia a la plataforma molecular que contiene, entre otras, dos proteínas implicadas en muerte celular: caspasa 8, implicada en apoptosis, y RIP-1 kinasa, implicada en necroptosis. El ...
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      Caspase-8 inhibition represses initial human monocyte activation in septic shock model  [Article]

      Oliva Martín, María José; Sánchez Abarca, Luis Ignacio; Rodhe, Johanna; Carrillo Jiménez, Alejandro; Vlachos, Pinelopi; Herrera Carmona, Antonio José; García Quintanilla, Alberto; Caballero Velázquez, Teresa; Venero Recio, José Luis (Impact Journals, 2016)
      In septic patients, the onset of septic shock occurs due to the over-activation of monocytes. We tested the therapeutic potential of directly targeting innate immune cell activation to limit the cytokine storm and downstream ...
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      Deletion of caspase-8 in mouse myeloid cells blocks microglia pro-inflammatory activation and confers protection in MPTP neurodegeneration model  [Article]

      Kavanagh, Edel T.; Burguillos García, Miguel Ángel; Carrillo Jiménez, Alejandro; Oliva Martín, María José; Santiago Pavón, Martiniano; Rodhe, Johanna; Joseph, Bertrand; Venero Recio, José Luis (Impact Journals, LLC, 2015)
      Increasing evidence involves sustained pro-inflammatory microglia activation in the pathogenesis of different neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Parkinson's disease (PD). We recently uncovered a completely novel and ...
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      Microglia-secreted galectin-3 acts as a toll-like receptor 4 ligand and contributes to microglial activation  [Article]

      Burguillos García, Miguel Ángel; Svensson, Martina; Schulte, Tim; Boza Serrano, Antonio; García Quintanilla, Alberto; Kavanagh, Edel T.; Santiago Pavón, Martiniano; Viceconte, Nikenza; Oliva Martín, María José; Osman, Ahmed Mohamed; Salomonsson, Emma; Amar, Lahouari; Persson, Annette; Blomgren, Klas; Achour, Adnane; Englund, Elisabet; Leffler, Hakon; Venero Recio, José Luis; Joseph, Bertrand; Deierborg, Tomas (2015)
      Inflammatory response induced by microglia plays a critical role in the demise of neuronal populations in neuroinflammatory diseases. Although the role of toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) in microglia’s inflammatory response ...
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      Relevance of chronic stress and the two faces of microglia in Parkinson’s disease  [Article]

      Herrera Carmona, Antonio José; Espinosa Oliva, Ana María; Carrillo Jiménez, Alejandro; Oliva Martín, María José; García Revilla, Juan; García Quintanilla, Alberto; Martínez de Pablos, Rocío; Venero Recio, José Luis (rontiers Research Foundation, 2015)
      This review is aimed to highlight the importance of stress and glucocorticoids (GCs) in modulating the inflammatory response of brain microglia and hence its potential involvement in Parkinson’s ...
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      RIPK1 is a critical modulator of both tonic and TLR-responsive inflammatory and cell death pathways in human macrophage differentiation  [Article]

      Buchrieser, Julian; Oliva Martín, María José; Moore, Michael D.; Long, Joshua C. D.; Cowley, Sally A.; Long, Joshua C. D.; Pérez Simón, José Antonio; Venero Recio, José Luis (Springer Nature, 2018)
      In this study, we took advantage of human-induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSC) and CRISPR/Cas9 technology to investigate the potential roles of RIPK1 in regulating hematopoiesis and macrophage differentiation, proinflammatory ...