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      Phase delay and group velocity determination at a planar defect state in three dimensional photonic crystals  [Article]

      Galisteo López, J. F.; Galli, M.; Andreani, Lucio C.; Mihi Cervello, Agustín; Pozas Bravo, Raúl; Ocaña Jurado, Manuel; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (American Institute of Physics, 2007)
      Phase sensitive optical transmission measurements have been performed on three dimensional opal-based photonic crystals containing a planar defect. From numerical derivation of the measured phase, the group velocity has ...
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      Surface resonant modes in colloidal photonic crystals  [Article]

      Míguez García, Hernán Ruy; Rodríguez, I.; Rubio, S; Meseguer, Francisco; Mihi Cervello, Agustín (American Physical Society, 2005)
      Herein we report an experimental and theoretical optical analysis of the effect of growing a dielectric slab on the surface of photonic colloidal crystals. Optical spectroscopy shows an enhancement of the transmitted ...