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      A Comparison of Photoelastic and Finite Elements Analysis in Internal Connection and Bone Level Dental Implants  [Article]

      Herráez Galindo, María Cristina; Torres-Lagares, Daniel; Martínez-González, Álvaro-José; Pérez-Velasco, Andrea; Torres Carranza, Eusebio; Serrera Figallo, María de los Ángeles; Gutiérrez Pérez, José Luis (2020-05-18)
      This study is a contribution to our understanding of the mechanical behaviour of dental implants through the use of the finite element and the photoelastic methods. Two internal connection and bone level dental implants ...
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      External Connection Versus Internal Connection in Dental Implantology. A Mechanical In Vitro Study  [Article]

      Fernández Asián, Ignacio Rafael; Martínez-González, Álvaro-José; Torres-Lagares, Daniel; Serrera-Figallo, María Ángeles; Gutiérrez-Pérez, José Luís (MDPI, 2019-10-15)
      Background: In today’s dentistry, implantology has become a therapeutic resource of choice in certain clinical situations. The design of implants has evolved in several aspects since their inception. Dental implants were ...
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      Study of bone loss in bruxist patients wearing dental implant prostheses: A finite element analysis  [Article]

      Oliveros-López, Luis-Guillermo; Castillo de Oyagüe, Raquel; Serrera-Figallo, María Ángeles; Martínez-González, Álvaro-José; Pérez-Velasco, Andrea; Torres-Lagares, Daniel; Gutiérrez Pérez, José Luis (2020-08-22)
      Bruxism is an unconscious, involuntary and sustained motor activity that results in excessive teeth grinding or jaw clenching that could affect patients’ implants and rehabilitations. The aetiology for bruxism remains ...