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      Continuous surveillance of points by rotating floodlights  [Presentation]

      Bereg, Sergey; Díaz Báñez, José Miguel; Fort i Masdevall, Marta; Lopez, Mario A.; Pérez Lantero, Pablo; Urrutia Galicia, Jorge (2013)
      Let P and F be sets of n ≥ 2 and m ≥ 2 points in the plane, respectively, so that P∪F is in general position. We study the problem of finding the minimum angle α ∈ [2π/m, 2π] such that one can install at each point of F a ...
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      Drawing the double circle on a grid of minimum size  [Presentation]

      Bereg, Sergey; Fabila Monroy, Ruy; Flores Peñaloza, David; Lopez, Mario A.; Pérez Lantero, Pablo (2013)
      In 1926, Jarník introduced the problem of drawing a convex n-gon with vertices having integer coordinates. He constructed such a drawing in the grid [1, c ·n 3/2]2 for some constant c > 0, and showed that this grid size ...