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      Abstract Voronoi diagrams  [Presentation]

      Klein, Rolf (2013)
      Abstract Voronoi diagrams are a unifying framework that covers many types of concrete Voronoi diagrams. This talk reports on the state of the art, including recent progress.
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      Competitive search ratio of graphs and polygons  [Presentation]

      Fleischer, Rudolf; Kamphans, Tom; Klein, Rolf; Langetepe, Elmar; Trippen, Gerhard (2004)
      We consider the problem of searching for a goal in an unknown environment, which may be a graph or a polygonal environment. The search ratio is the worst-case ratio before the goal is found while moving along some search ...
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      Geometric dilation of closed planar curves: a new lower bound  [Presentation]

      Ebbers-Baumann, Annette; Grüne, Ansgar; Klein, Rolf (2004)
      Given any simple closed curve C in the Euclidean plane, let w and D denote the minimal and the maximal caliper distances of C, correspondingly. We show that any such curve C has a geometric dilation of at least arcsin( ...
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      Solving nonconvex planar location problems by nite dominating sets  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Hamacher, Horst W.; Klein, Rolf; Nickel, Stefan (Springer, 2000-10)
      It is well-known that some of the classical location problems with polyhedral gauges can be solved in polynomial time by nding a fi nite dominating set, i.e. a finite set of candidates guaranteed to contain at least one ...