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      Bio-geochemical markers surrogated to fire induced hydrophobicity. Model system: Doñana National Park sandy soils  [PhD Thesis]

      Jiménez Morillo, Nicasio T. (2017-07-17)
      Los incendios forestales son un factor de perturbación importante en muchos ecosistemas terrestres, especialmente en las zonas europeas de clima Mediterráneo. Esto se debe a la confluencia de condiciones climáticas, ...
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      Do stones modify the spatial distribution of fire induced soil water repellency? Preliminary data  [Article]

      García Moreno, Jorge; Gordillo Rivero, Ángel J.; Gil, J.; Jiménez Morillo, Nicasio T.; Mataix Solera, Jorge; González Peñaloza, Félix Ángel; Pascual Granged, Arturo José; Bárcenas Moreno, Gema; Jiménez Pinilla, Patricia; Lozano Guardiola, Elena; Jordán López, Antonio; Martínez Zavala, Lorena María (FUEGORED, 2013)
      Water repellency is a property of many fire-affected soils that contributes to delayed wetting rates and shows many hydrological and geomorphological consequences. Fire-induced soil water repellency (SWR) may be modulated ...
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      Short-term microbial response after laboratory heating and ground mulching adition  [Article]

      Jiménez Compán, Elisabeth; Jiménez Morillo, Nicasio T.; Jiménez González, Marco A.; González Pérez, Jose A.; Jordán López, Antonio; Bárcenas Moreno, Gema (FUEGORED, 2015)
      Fire alters soil organic matter inducing quantitative and qualitative changes that presumably will affect post-fire soil microbial recolonisation. Several studies have evidenced marked soil organic carbon reduction after ...
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      Stones resting on the top soil cause heterogeneous patterns of fire-induced water repellency  [Article]

      Gordillo Rivero, Ángel J.; García Moreno, Jorge; Jiménez Morillo, Nicasio T.; Jordán López, Antonio; Martínez Zavala, Lorena María; Pereira, Paulo; Mataix Solera, Jorge; Granja Martins, Fernando M.; Neto Paixão, Helena M. (2014)
      Depending on soil and fire characteristics, soil water repellency (SWR) may be induced, enhanced or destroyed by burning. The spatial pattern of SWR may be extremely heterogeneous as a consequence of the temperature peaks, ...