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      A continuation method for weakly contractive mappings under the interior condition  [Article]

      Ariza Ruiz, David; Jiménez Melado, Antonio (Hindawi, 2009)
      Recently, Frigon proved that, for weakly contractive maps, the property of having a fixed point is invariant by a certain class of homotopies, obtaining as a consequence a Leray-Schauder alternative for this class of maps ...
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      A fixed point theorem for weakly Zamfirescu mappings  [Article]

      Ariza Ruiz, David; Jiménez Melado, Antonio; López Acedo, Genaro (Elsevier, 2011-03-01)
      In [13] T. Zamfirescu, Fixed point theorems in metric spaces, Arch. Math. 23 (1972), 292–298. Zamfirescu gave a fixed point theorem that generalizes the classical fixed point theorems by Banach, Kannan and Chatterjea. In ...
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      Rate of convergence under weak contractiveness conditions  [Article]

      Ariza Ruiz, David; Briseid, Eyvind Martol; Jiménez Melado, Antonio; López Acedo, Genaro (Casa Cartii de Stiinta, 2013)
      We introduce a new class of selfmaps T of metric spaces, which generalizes the weakly Zamfirescu maps (and therefore weakly contraction maps, weakly Kannan maps, weakly Chatterjea maps and quasi-contraction maps with ...