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      Chemistry, nanostructure and magnetic properties of Co-Ru-B-O nanoalloys  [Article]

      Arzac, G. M.; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Gontard, Lionel C.; Chinchilla, Lidia E; Otalora, E.; Crespo, P.; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014)
      In our previous works, Co-B-O and Co-Ru-B-O ultrafine powders with variable Ru content (xRu) were studied as catalysts for hydrogen generation through sodium borohydride hydrolysis. These materials have shown a complex ...
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      Detecting single-electron events in TEM using low-cost electronics and a silicon strip sensor  [Article]

      Gontard, Lionel C.; Moldovan, Grigore; Carmona Galán, Ricardo; Lin, Chao; Kirkland, Angus I. (Oxford University Press, 2014)
      There is great interest in developing novel position-sensitive direct detectors for transmission electron microscopy (TEM) that do not rely in the conversion of electrons into photons. Direct imaging improves contrast and ...