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      Dynamical systems applied to consciousness and brain rhythms in a neural network  [PhD Thesis]

      Galadí García, Javier Alejandro (2020-04-21)
      This thesis applies the great advances of modern dynamical systems theory (DST) to consciousness. Consciousness, or subjective experience, is faced here in two different ways: from the global dynamics of the human brain ...
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      Informational structures: A dynamical system approach for integrated information  [Article]

      Esteban Ruiz, Francisco José; Galadí García, Javier Alejandro; Langa Rosado, José Antonio; Portillo Fernández, José Ramón; Soler Toscano, Fernando (Public Library of Science, 2018-09-13)
      Integrated Information Theory (IIT) has become nowadays the most sensible general theory of consciousness. In addition to very important statements, it opens the door for an abstract (mathematical) formulation of the theory. ...