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      A Comparison Between Kalman Filters and STDFT for Harmonic Estimation in Power Systems  [Article]

      Rosendo Macías, José Antonio; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS), 2005)
      This paper presents a comparison between Kalman filter and the running DFT for the computation of harmonics in power systems applications. The performance of both filters is compared for events like voltage dips or those ...
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      A comparison of residual demand models for oligopolistic markets  [Presentation]

      Marulanda Guerra, Agustín Rafael; Martínez Ramos, José Luis; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (2005)
      In many pool-based electricity markets two types of generating companies coexist, namely price-taking and leader companies. In this context, the optimal bidding of a leader company, and consequently the market ...
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      A Comparison of Two Techniques for Next- Day Electricity Price Forecasting  [Chapter of Book]

      Troncoso Lora, Alicia; Riquelme Santos, Jesús Manuel; Riquelme Santos, José Cristóbal; Gómez Expósito, Antonio; Martínez Ramos, José Luis (2002)
      In the framework of competitive markets, the market’s participants need energy price forecasts in order to determine their optimal bidding strategies and maximize their benefits. Therefore, if generation companies have a ...
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      A Hybrid Procedure Including Subtransmission Systems and Substations for Reliability Assessment  [Article]

      Martínez-Lacañina, Pedro José; Villa Jaén, Antonio de la; Martínez Ramos, José Luis (IEEE Xplore Digital Library, 2013)
      A new procedure focused on reliability analysis of subtransmission systems supported by the state enumeration technique is presented. This new methodology is conducted in three stages. First, a classical state enumeration ...
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      A new technique for short-term reliability assessment of transmission and distribution networks  [Presentation]

      Martínez-Lacañina, Pedro José; Villa Jaén, Antonio de la; Martínez Ramos, José Luis (IEEE Xplore, 2006)
      This paper proposes a new methodology for shortterm (24 hours) reliability assessment of transmission and distribution networks, including detailed substations models. Substations are first considered as single electrical ...
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      A node ordering algorithm to speed up the solution of sparse matrix and sparse vector linear equation systems  [Presentation]

      Gómez Expósito, Antonio; García Franquelo, Leopoldo (1986)
      Recently, more attention has been devoted to sparse vector methods in order to reduce the computational burden when solving sparse systems of linear equations. These methods exploit the sparsity of the independent vector ...
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      An efficient ordering algorithm to improve sparse vector methods  [Article]

      Gómez Expósito, Antonio; García Franquelo, Leopoldo (1988-11)
      This paper presents a new node ordering algorithm to enhance sparse vector methods. The proposed technique locally minimizes the number of non-zero elements of the inverse of the table of factors. It uses the cardinality ...
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      An Interactive Educational Tool for the Teaching of Manoeuvres in Electrical Substations  [Article]

      Monroy-Berjillos, Darío; Bachiller-Soler, Alfonso; Martínez-Lacañina, Pedro José (Wiley online library, 2013)
      The philosophy of safety at work is one of the bases for the operation of electrical installations, with particular relevance in the manoeuvres in electrical substations. The curriculum for Electrical Engineering students ...
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      Análisis estático de seguridad en redes de transporte  [PhD Thesis]

      Riquelme Santos, Jesús Manuel (1998)
      La creciente complejidad de la red eléctrica hace que el estudio de la seguridad sea un problema costoso computacionalmente. Por tanto se plantea la necesidad de disponer de una herramienta adecuada que facilite este ...
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      Ancillary Services in Hybrid AC/DC Low Voltage Distribution Networks  [Article]

      Maza Ortega, José María; Mauricio Ferramola, Juan Manuel; Barragán Villarejo, Manuel; Demoulias, Charis; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (MDPI, 2019-09)
      In the last decade, distribution systems are experiencing a drastic transformation with the advent of new technologies. In fact, distribution networks are no longer passive systems, considering the current integration ...
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      Application of Evolutionary Computation Techniques to the Optimal Short-Term Scheduling of the Electrical Energy Production  [Chapter of Book]

      Troncoso Lora, Alicia; Riquelme Santos, José Cristóbal; Martínez Ramos, José Luis; Riquelme Santos, Jesús Manuel; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (2003)
      In this paper, an evolutionary technique applied to the optimal short-term scheduling (24 hours) of the electric energy production is presented. The equations that define the problem lead to a nonlinear mixed-integer ...
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      Assessment of conductor thermal models for grid studies  [Article]

      Riquelme Santos, Jesús Manuel; Gómez Expósito, Antonio; Parreño Sánchez, José Luis (The Institution of Engineering & Technology, 2007)
      : Existing EMS applications resort to static network models built upon constant resistances whose values are specified beforehand. However, the steady-state thermal balance of overhead conductors requires that ohmic ...
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      Bad data identification when using ampere measurements  [Presentation]

      Abur, Ali; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 1997)
      Earlier papers have shown that the use of power system line current magnitude measurements may lead to nonuniquely observable systems. This paper studies the bad data identification problem under these conditions. The ...
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      City-Friendly Smart Network Technologies and Infrastructures: The Spanish Experience  [Article]

      Gómez Expósito, Antonio; Arcos Vargas, Ángel; Maza Ortega, José María; Rosendo Macías, José Antonio; Álvarez Cordero, Gabriel; Carillo Aparicio, Susana; González Lara, Juan; Morales Wagner, Daniel; González García, Tomás (IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, 2018)
      Efficient, resilient, and sustainable electricity delivery is a key cornerstone in increasingly large and complex urban environments, where citizens expect to keep or rise their living standards. In this context, cost-effective ...
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      Computation of individual harmonics in digital relaying  [Presentation]

      Rosendo Macías, José Antonio; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (PSCC Central, 2002)
      In this paper, a comparison of existing method for harmonic calculation in digital relaying is presented. Pros and cons of recursive, approximate non-recursive and exact non-recursive algorithms are discussed. A compromise ...
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      Control activo de flujos de potencia en redes de distribución  [PhD Thesis]

      Barragán Villarejo, Manuel (2014-05-23)
      1.INTRODUCCIÓN El negocio de la distribución de energía eléctrica se enfrenta actualmente a una situación crítica debido a la combinación de diferentes factores: crecimiento continuo de las cargas, objeciones sociales y ...
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      Critical Review of the Modified Winding Function Theory  [Article]

      Serrano Iribarnegaray, Luis; Cruz-Romero, Pedro Luis; Gómez Expósito, Antonio (EMW Publishing, 2013)
      The Modified Winding Function Theory (MWFTh), regarded as a very powerful and general theory, has been extensively used for the last 15 years. This paper performs an in-depth review of the mathematical and physical ...
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      Cyber-physical framework for emulating distributed control systems in smart grids  [Article]

      Gavriluta, Catalin; Boudinet, Cedric; Kupzog, Friederich; Gómez Expósito, Antonio; Caire, Raphael (Elsevier, 2020)
      This paper proposes a cyber-physical framework for investigating distributed control systems operating in the context of smart-grid applications. At the moment, the literature focuses almost exclusively on the theoretical ...
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      DCOPF Contingency Analysis Including Phase Shifting Transformers  [Presentation]

      Martínez-Lacañina, Pedro José; Marano Marcolini, Alejandro; Martínez Ramos, José Luis (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2014)
      This work deals with a new formulation for the Direct Current Optimal Power Flow (DCOPF) including the corrective actions related to the phase shifting transformers. The formulation is based on the outage of generators ...