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      Behaviour of Au-citrate nanoparticles in seawater and accumulation in bivalves at environmentally relevant concentrations  [Article]

      Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; García Negrete, Carlos Andrés; Blasco Moreno, Julián; Hampel, Miriam; Lapresta Fernández, Alejandro; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Soto, M.; Volland, M. (2013-03)
      The degree of aggregation and/or coalescence of Au-citrate nanoparticles (AuNPs, mean size 21.5 ± 2.9 nm), after delivery in simulated seawater, are shown to be concentration-dependent. At low concentrations no coalescence ...
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      Characterisation of Co@Fe3O4 core@shell nanoparticles using advanced electron microscopy  [Article]

      Knappett, Benjamin R.; Abdulkin, Pavel; Ringe, Emilie; Jefferson, David A.; Lozano Pérez, Sergio; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Wheatley, Andrew E.H. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2013)
      Cobalt nanoparticles were synthesised via the thermal decomposition of Co2(CO)8 and were coated in iron oxide using Fe(CO)5. While previous work focused on the subsequent thermal alloying of these nanoparticles, this study ...
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      Characterization and Validation of a‑Si Magnetron-Sputtered Thin Films as Solid He Targets with High Stability for Nuclear Reactions  [Article]

      Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; Ferrer Fernández, Francisco Javier; Fernández Martínez, Begoña; Caballero Hernández, Jaime; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (American Chemical Society, 2016)
      In this work, we present our magnetron sputtering based methodology to produce amorphous silicon coatings with closed porosity, as a strategy to fabricate solid helium targets, in the form of supported or self-supported ...
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      Chemistry, nanostructure and magnetic properties of Co-Ru-B-O nanoalloys  [Article]

      Arzac, G. M.; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Gontard, Lionel C.; Chinchilla, Lidia E; Otalora, E.; Crespo, P.; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2014)
      In our previous works, Co-B-O and Co-Ru-B-O ultrafine powders with variable Ru content (xRu) were studied as catalysts for hydrogen generation through sodium borohydride hydrolysis. These materials have shown a complex ...
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      Dependence of exchange anisotropy and coercivity on the Fe–oxide structure in oxygen-passivated Fe nanoparticles  [Article]

      Prados, C.; Multigner, M.; Hernando, Antonio; Sánchez López, Juan Carlos; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Conde Amiano, Clara Francisca; Conde Amiano, Alejandro (American Institute of Physics, 1999)
      Ultrafine Fe particles have been prepared by the inert gas condensation method and subsequently oxygen passivated. The as-obtained particles consist in an Fe core surrounded by an amorphous Fe-oxide surface layer. The ...
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      Exploring the benefits of depositing hard TiN thin films by non-reactive magnetron sputtering  [Article]

      Martínez Martínez, Diego; López Cartes, Carlos; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Sánchez López, Juan Carlos (Elsevier, 2013)
      The aim of this paper is to compare the mechanical and tribological properties of TiN coatings prepared in a conventional magnetron sputtering chamber according to two different routes: the usual reactive sputtering of a ...
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      Full solution processed mesostructured optical resonators integrating colloidal semiconductor quantum dots  [Article]

      Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Hidalgo, Nuria; Schierholz, Roland; Kovács, Andras; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Bellino, Martín G.; Soler-Illia, G.J.A.A.; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015)
      Herein we show a solution based synthetic pathway to obtain a resonant optical cavity with embedded colloidal semiconductor quantum dots (CSQDs). The optical cavity pore network, surrounded by two dense Bragg mirrors, was ...
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      Impregnation of carbon black for the examination of colloids using TEM  [Article]

      Cervera Gontard, Lionel; Knappett, Benjamin R.; Wheatley, Andrew E.H.; Chang, Shery L.-Y; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Elsevier, 2014)
      Nanoparticles are frequently synthesised as colloids, dispersed in solvents such as water, hexane or ethanol. For their characterisation by transmission electron microscopy (TEM), a drop of colloid is typically deposited ...
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      Investigation of a Pt containing washcoat on SiC foam for hydrogen combustion applications  [Article]

      Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Arzac, G. M.; Vogt, U.F.; Hosoglu, F.; Borgschulte, A.; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen; Montes, O.; Züttel, A. (Elsevier, 2016)
      A commercial Pt based washcoat, used for catalytic methane combustion, was studied supported on a commercial SiC foam as catalytic material (Pt/SiC) for catalytic hydrogen combustion (CHC). Structural and chemical ...
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      Magnetic and microstructural analysis of palladium nanoparticles with different capping systems  [Article]

      Litrán Ramos, Rocío; Sampedro, Blanca; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Multigner, Marta; Sánchez López, Juan Carlos; Crespo, Patricia; López Cartes, Carlos; García García, Miguel Ángel; Hernando, Antonio; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (American Physical Society, 2006)
      Palladium nanoparticles capped with different protective systems in a size range between 1.2 and 2.4 nm have been obtained by varying the preparation chemical method. Magnetization curves for all the samples show hysteresis ...
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      Magnetometry and electron paramagnetic resonance studies of phosphine- and thiol-capped gold nanoparticles  [Article]

      Guerrero, Estefanía; Muñoz Márquez, Miguel Ángel; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Crespo, P.; Hernando, Antonio; Lucena, R.; Conesa Cegarra, José Carlos (American Institute of Physics, 2010)
      In the last years, the number of studies performed by wholly independent research groups that confirm the permanent magnetism, first observed in our research lab, for thiol-capped Au nanoparticles (NPs) has rapidly increased. ...
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      Magnetron sputtered a-SiOxNy thin films: A closed porous nanostructure with controlled optical and mechanical properties  [Article]

      Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (2012)
      were prepared by magnetron sputtering. Pores size, shape and distribution were evaluated by scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. Raman and EELS analysis proved that the pores are filled with ...
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      Microstructural characterization of hydrophobic Ti1−xAlxN coatings with moth-eye-like surface morphology  [Article]

      Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; López Santos, Carmen; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Philippon, D.; Jiménez de Haro, María del Carmen; Lucas, S.; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Elsevier, 2012-09-25)
      Ti1−xAlxN thin films with different Al content were deposited by magnetron sputtering. The combination of electron energy loss spectroscopy (EELS) and energy dispersive spectroscopy (EDS) was used to evaluate the composition ...
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      Nanoscale mechanically induced structural and electrical changes in Ge 2Sb 2Te 5 films  [Article]

      Cecchini, R.; Benítez Jiménez, José Jesús; Sánchez López, Juan Carlos; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (American Institute of Physics, 2012)
      We demonstrate that the microstructure and electrical properties of Ge 2Sb 2Te 5 films can be changed by a nanoscale mechanical process. Nanoscratching is used to define modified areas onto an as-deposited crystalline Ge ...
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      On the formation of the porous structure in nanostructured a-Si coatings deposited by dc magnetron sputtering at oblique angles  [Article]

      Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; Moskovkin, P.; Álvarez, Rafael; Caballero Hernández, Jaime; Schierholz, R.; Bera, B.; Demarche, J.; Palmero Acebedo, Alberto; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Lucas, S. (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2014)
      The formation of the porous structure in dc magnetron sputtered amorphous silicon thin films at low temperatures is studied when using helium and/or argon as the processing gas. In each case, a-Si thin films were simultaneously ...
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      Pt-impregnated catalysts on powdery SiC and other commercial supports for the combustion of hydrogen under oxidant conditions  [Article]

      Arzac, G. M.; Montes, O.; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Elsevier, 2016)
      We report the study of the catalytic hydrogen combustion over Pt-impregnated powdery silicon carbide (SiC) using H2PtCl6 as precursor. The reaction was conducted in excess of oxygen. β-SiC was selected for the study because ...
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      Shape-defined nanodimers by tailored heterometallic epitaxy  [Article]

      García Negrete, Carlos Andrés; Rojas Ruiz, Teresa Cristina; Knappett, Benjamin R.; Jefferson, David A.; Wheatley, Andrew E.H.; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), 2014)
      The systematic construction of heterogeneous nanoparticles composed of two distinct metal domains (Au and Pt) and exhibiting a broad range of morphologically defined shapes is reported. It is demonstrated that careful Au ...
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      Simultaneous quantification of light elements in thin films deposited on Si substrates using proton EBS (Elastic Backscattering Spectroscopy)  [Article]

      Ferrer Fernández, Francisco Javier; Alcaire Martín, María; Caballero Hernández, Jaime; García García, Francisco Javier; Gil Rostra, Jorge; Terriza Fernández, Antonia; Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; García López, Francisco Javier; Barranco Quero, Ángel; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Elsevier, 2014)
      Quantification of light elements content in thin films is an important and difficult issue in many technological fields such as polymeric functional thin films, organic thin film devices, biomaterials, and doped semiconducting ...
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      STEM‐EELS analysis reveals stable high‐density He in nanopores of amorphous silicon coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering  [Article]

      Schierholz, Roland; Lacroix, Bertrand; Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; Caballero Hernández, Jaime; Duchamp, Martial; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (IOP Publishing, 2015)
      A broad interest has been showed recently on the study of nanostructuring of thin films and surfaces obtained by low‐energy He plasma treatments and He incorporation via magnetron sputtering. In this paper spatially resolved ...
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      STEM–EELS analysis reveals stable high-density He in nanopores of amorphous silicon coatings deposited by magnetron sputtering  [Article]

      Schierholz, Roland; Lacroix, Bertrand; Fortio Godinho, Vanda Cristina; Caballero Hernández, Jaime; Duchamp, Martial; Fernández Camacho, Asunción (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2015)
      A broad interest has been showed recently on the study of nanostructuring of thin films and surfaces obtained by low‐energy He plasma treatments and He incorporation via magnetron sputtering. In this paper spatially resolved ...