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      Be 9 + Sn 120 scattering at near-barrier energies within a four-body model  [Article]

      Arazi, Andrés; Casal, Jesús; Rodríguez Gallardo, Manuela; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Lichtenthäler Filho, R.; Abriola, Daniel; Capurro, O. A.; Carnelli, P. F.F.; Fernndez Niello, J. O.; Martínez Heimman, D. (American Physical Society, 2018)
      Cross sections for elastic and inelastic scattering of the weakly bound Be9 nucleus on a Sn120 target have been measured at seven bombarding energies around and above the Coulomb barrier. The elastic angular distributions ...
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      Be 9 elastic scattering on Pb 208 and Al 27 within a four-body reaction framework  [Article]

      Casal, Jesús; Rodríguez Gallardo, Manuela; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel (American Physical Society, 2015)
      We investigate low-energy Be9 elastic scattering on two different targets (heavy, light) within a four-body framework using the continuum-discretized coupled-channels (CDCC) method. The Be9 projectile is described in an ...
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      Identifying structures in the continuum: Application to 16 Be  [Article]

      Casal, Jesús; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José (American Physical Society, 2019)
      Background: The population and decay of two-nucleon resonances offer exciting new opportunities to explore dripline phenomena. A proper understanding of these systems requires a solid description of the three-body (core+N ...
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      Investigating the 10Li continuum through 9Li(d,p)10Li reactions  [Article]

      Moro Muñoz, Antonio Matías; Casal, Jesús; Gómez Ramos, Mario (Elsevier, 2019-06-10)
      The continuum structure of the unbound system 10 Li, inferred from the 9 Li(d,p) 10 Li transfer reaction, is reexamined. Experimental data for this reaction, measured at two different energies, are analyzed with the same ...
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      Three-body radiative capture reactions  [Article]

      Casal, Jesús; Rodríguez Gallardo, Manuela; Arias Carrasco, José Miguel; Gómez Camacho, Joaquín José (EDP Sciences, 2017)
      Radiative capture reaction rates for 6He, 9Be and 17Ne formation at astrophysical conditions are studied within a three-body model using the analytical transformed harmonic oscillator method to calculate their states. An ...