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      A panchromatic modification of the light absorption spectra of metal–organic frameworks  [Article]

      Otal, E.H.; Kim, M.L.; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Karvonen, L.; Fabregas, I.O.; Sierra, C.A.; Hinestroza, J.P. (Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), 2016)
      The optical absorption of UiO-66–NH2 MOF was red-shifted using a diazo-coupling reaction. The modifications performed with naphthols and aniline yielded reddish samples, and the modifications with diphenylaniline yielded ...
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      Absorption Enhancement in Organic−Inorganic Halide Perovskite Films with Embedded Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticles  [Article]

      Carretero Palacios, Sol; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (American Chemical Society, 2015-08-13)
      We report on the numerical analysis of solar absorption enhancement in organic−inorganic halide perovskite films embedding plasmonic gold nanoparticles. The effect of particle size and concentration is analyzed in ...
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      Adaptable Ultraviolet Refl ecting Polymeric Multilayer Coatings of High Refractive Index Contrast  [Article]

      Castro Smirnov, José Raúl; Ito, M.; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; López López, María del Carmen; Jiménez Solano, Alberto; Galisteo López, Juan Francisco; Zavala Rivera, Paul; Tanaka, K.; Sivaniah, Easan; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Wiley-VCH, 2015)
      A synthetic route is demonstrated to build purely polymeric nanostructured multilayer coatings, adaptable to arbitrary surfaces, and capable of effi ciently blocking by refl ection a targeted and tunable ultraviolet (UV) ...
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      Angular emission properties of a layer of rare-earth based nanophosphors embedded in one-dimensional photonic crystal coatings  [Article]

      Sánchez Sobrado, Olalla; Yacomotti, Alejandro M.; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Martínez, O. E; Ocaña Jurado, Manuel; Núñez Alvarez, Nuria O.; Levenson, J.A.M; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (American Institute of Physics, 2011)
      The angular properties of light emitted from rare-earth based nanophosphors embedded in optical resonators built in one-dimensional photonic crystal coatings are herein investigated. Strong directional dependence of the ...
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      Design and realization of transparent solar modules based on luminescent solar concentrators integrating nanostructured photonic crystals  [Article]

      Jiménez Solano, Alberto; Delgado Sánchez, José M.; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Miranda Muñoz, José María; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Sancho, Diego; Sánchez Cortezón, Emilio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (John Wiley & Sons, 2015)
      Herein, we present a prototype of a photovoltaic module that combines a luminescent solar concentrator integrating one-dimensional photonic crystals and in-plane CuInGaSe2 (CIGS) solar cells. Highly uniform and wide-area ...
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      Electron injection and scaffold effects in perovskite solar cells  [Article]

      Anaya Martín, Miguel; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy; Yuelong Li; Clasen Hames, Bruno; Fabregat Santiago, Francisco; Mora Seró, Iván; Zhang, Wei; Snaith, Henry J. (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-01-21)
      In spite of the impressive efficiencies reported for perovskite solar cells (PSCs), key aspects of their working principles, such as electron injection at the contacts or the suitability of the utilization of a specific ...
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      Environmental Effects on the Photophysics of Organic–Inorganic Halide Perovskites  [Article]

      Galisteo López, Juan Francisco; Anaya Martín, Miguel; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (American Chemical Society, 2015-06-18)
      The photophysical properties of films of organic–inorganic lead halide perovskites under different ambient conditions are herein reported. We demonstrate that their luminescent properties are determined by the interplay ...
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      Environmentally responsive nanoparticle-based luminescent optical resonators  [Article]

      Ocaña Jurado, Manuel; Sánchez Sobrado, Olalla; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Núñez Alvarez, Nuria O.; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2010)
      In this work, we demonstrate that optical resonators built using all-nanoparticle-based porous building blocks provide a responsive multifunctional matrix, totally different emission spectra being attained from the same ...
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      Espejo flexible conductor  [Final Degree Work]

      Viaña Jorge, José María (2018)
      This work displays the realization and the characterization of a highly stretchable conductive Bragg mirror. The photonic structure is made up by the deposition of porous metal oxides layers on top of a flexible substrate. ...
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      Flexible Distributed Bragg Reflectors from Nanocolumnar Templates  [Article]

      Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; González García, Lola; Parra Barranco, Julián; Barranco Quero, Ángel; Jiménez Solano, Alberto; Rodríguez González-Elipe, Agustín; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Wiley, 2015-02)
      A flexible distributed Bragg reflector is made by the infiltration of a nanocolumnar array with polydimethyl siloxane oligomers. The high optical reflectance displayed by the final material is a direct consequence of the ...
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      Full solution processed mesostructured optical resonators integrating colloidal semiconductor quantum dots  [Article]

      Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Hidalgo, Nuria; Schierholz, Roland; Kovács, Andras; Fernández Camacho, Asunción; Bellino, Martín G.; Soler-Illia, G.J.A.A.; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2015)
      Herein we show a solution based synthetic pathway to obtain a resonant optical cavity with embedded colloidal semiconductor quantum dots (CSQDs). The optical cavity pore network, surrounded by two dense Bragg mirrors, was ...
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      Highly efficient perovskite solar cells with tunable structural color  [Article]

      Zhang, Wei; Anaya Martín, Miguel; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Johnston, Michael B.; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy; Snaith, Henry J. (American Chemical Society, 2015)
      The performance of perovskite solar cells has been progressing over the past few years and efficiency is likely to continue to increase. However, a negative aspect for the integration of perovskite solar cells in the built ...
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      Integration of Photonic Crystals into Flexible Dye Solar Cells: A Route toward Bendable and Adaptable Optoelectronic Devices Displaying Structural Color and Enhanced Efficiency  [Article]

      Li, Yuelong; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)
      Herein is presented what is believed to be the fi rst example of integration of photonic structures in a fl exible optoelectronic device. The resulting devices may be designed to display any color in the visible range and, ...
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      Materials chemistry approaches to the control of the optical features of perovskite solar cells  [Article]

      Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017)
      Perovskite solar cells have revolutionized the field of photovoltaics. Apart from their impressive photo-conversion efficiencies, the ease of their fabrication – principally when carried out by solution processing – has ...
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      Molding with nanoparticle-based one-dimensional photonic crystals: A route to flexible and transferable Bragg mirrors of high dielectric contrast  [Article]

      Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Sánchez Sobrado, Olalla; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Royal Society of Chemistry (Great Britain), 2009)
      Self-standing, flexible Bragg mirror films of high refractive index contrast and showing intense and wide Bragg peaks are herein presented. Nanoparticle-based one-dimensional photonic crystals are used as templates to ...
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      Multidirectional Light-Harvesting Enhancement in Dye Solar Cells by Surface Patterning  [Article]

      López López, María del Carmen; Colodrero, Silvia; Jiménez Solano, Alberto; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Ortiz, Reyes; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Wiley, 2014)
      One dimensional gratings patterned on the surface of nanocrystalline titania electrodes are used as a light harvesting strategy to improve the overall performance of dye solar cells under both frontal and rear illumination ...
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      Nanoestructuras ópticas híbridas flexibles para aplicaciones como filtros de radiación ultravioleta  [PhD Thesis]

      Castro Smirnov, José Raúl (2015-02-13)
      The escalating applications of ultraviolet light, specifically in the UVA and UVB part of the spectrum, in medicine, cosmetics, or for industrial and commercial purposes in general demand deeper studies of the hazards ...
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      Nanometer-Scale Precision Tuning of 3D Photonic Crystals Made Possible Using Polyelectrolytes with Controlled Short Chain Length and Narrow Polydispersity  [Article]

      Zhuo, Wang; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Masson, Georgeta; Arsenault, André C.; Peiris, Frank; Mamak, Marc; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy; Manners, Ian; Ozin, G.A. (Wiley-VCH, 2014)
      Nanometer‐scale tuning of the optical properties of prefabricated photonic crystals is achieved via layer‐by‐layer assembly of polyelectrolytes in the interstitial spaces of the photonic lattice. The key to the approach ...
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      Optical analysis of CH3NH3SnxPb1–xI3 absorbers: a roadmap for perovskite-on-perovskite tandem solar cells  [Article]

      Anaya Martín, Miguel; Correa Baena, Juan P.; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Saliba, Michael; Anguita, Pablo; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016)
      Organic–inorganic perovskite structures in which lead is substituted by tin are exceptional candidates for broadband light absorption. Herein we present a thorough analysis of the optical properties of CH3NH3SnxPb1–xI3 ...
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      Optical Description of Mesostructured Organic-Inorganic Halide Perovskite Solar Cells  [Article]

      Anaya Martín, Miguel; Lozano Barbero, Gabriel Sebastián; Calvo Roggiani, Mauricio; Zhang, Wei; Johnston, Michael B.; Snaith, Henry J.; Míguez García, Hernán Ruy (2015)
      Herein we describe both theoretically and experimentally the optical response of solution-processed organic-inorganic halide perovskite solar cells based on mesostructured scaffolds. We develop a rigorous theoretical ...