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      A new Savage-Hutter type model for submarine avalanches and generated tsunami  [Article]

      Fernández Nieto, Enrique Domingo; Bouchut, F.; Bresch, Didier; Castro Díaz, Manuel Jesús; Mangeney, A. (Elsevier, 2008)
      In this paper we present a new two-layer model of Savage-Hutter type to study submarine avalanches. A layer composed of fluidized granular material is assumed to flow within an upper layer composed of an inviscid fluid (e. ...
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      A two-phase shallow debris flow model with energy balance  [Article]

      Bouchut, F.; Fernández Nieto, Enrique Domingo; Mangeney, A.; Narbona Reina, Gladys (2015)
      This paper proposes a thin layer depth-averaged two-phase model provided by a dissipative energy balance to describe avalanches of solid-fluid mixtures. This model is derived from a 3D two-phase model based on the equations ...
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      A two-phase solid-fluid model for dense granular flows including dilatancy effects: comparison with submarine granular collapse experiments  [Presentation]

      Bouchut, F.; Fernández Nieto, Enrique Domingo; Koné, E.H.; Mangeney, A.; Narbona Reina, Gladys (2017)
      We simulate here the collapse of granular columns immersed in a viscous fluid based on a simplified version of the model developed by [2]. The simulation quite well reproduces the dynamics and deposit of the granular ...
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      On new erosion models of Savage-Hutter type for avalanches  [Article]

      Bouchut, F.; Fernández Nieto, Enrique Domingo; Mangeney, A.; Lagreé, P.-Y. (Springer, 2008)
      In this work, we study the modeling of one-dimensional avalanche flows made of a moving layer over a static base, where the interface between the two can be time dependent. We propose a general model, obtained by looking ...