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      Fabrication of Gelatin/Bioactive Glass Hybrid Scaffolds for Bone Tissue- Engineering  [Article]

      Borrego González, Sara; Becerra, J.; Díaz Cuenca, Aranzazu (Springer, 2014)
      In this work, hybrid scaffold materials composed of gelatin and Bioactive Glass (BG) have been fabricated. BG particulates in the ternary system SiO2 − CaO − P 2 O 5 have been synthesized initially using the sol-gel method. ...
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      Preventive conservation of monuments based on DELPHI method and fuzzy logic  [Chapter of Book]

      Ortiz, R.; Garrido Vizuete, María de los Angeles; Prieto, A.J.; Macías Bernal, Juan Manuel; Becerra, J.; Benítez, J.; Gómez Morón, Auxiliadora; Martín, J. M.; Segura Pachón, Dolores; Tirado-Hernández, A.; Turbay, I.; Chávez, M.J.; Vázquez-González, A.; Contreras-Zamorano, G.M.; Cisternas, V.; Ortiz, P.; Cagigas Muñiz, Daniel (GVES, 2019)
      Preventive conservation requires identification, evaluation, and prioritization of the maintenance and restoration of cultural heritage under different hazards. The degradation of monuments is due to the effects caused by ...