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      Coverage induced regulation of Au nanoparticles during pulsed laser deposition  [Article]

      Resta, Vincenzo; Gonzalo de los Reyes, José; Afonso Rodríguez, Carmen Nieves; Piscopiello, E.; García López, Francisco Javier (American Institute of Physics, 2011)
      The effects induced during the covering/embedding of metal nanoparticles (NPs) produced by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and their impact on the structural and optical properties have been studied by producing pairs of ...
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      Formation of nitrile species on Ag nanostructures supported on a-Al2O3: a new corrosion route for silver exposed to the atmosphere  [Article]

      Peláez, Ramón J.; Espinós Manzorro, Juan Pedro; Afonso Rodríguez, Carmen Nieves (Institute of Physics Publishing, 2017)
      The aging of supported Ag nanostructures upon storage in ambient conditions (air and room temperature) for 20 months has been studied. The samples are produced on glass substrates by pulsed laser deposition (PLD); first a ...
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      Quantification of self-sputtering and implantation during pulsed laser deposition of gold  [Article]

      Perea Folgueras, Ángel; Gonzalo, José; Budtz Jørgensen, C.; Epurescu, George; Siegel, Jan; Afonso Rodríguez, Carmen Nieves; García López, Francisco Javier (AIP Publishing, 2008)
      This work reports on the quantification of self-sputtering and implantation occurring during pulsed laser deposition of Au as a function of the laser fluence used to ablate the gold target. The experimental approach ...