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      Finding the principal points of a random variable  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Conde Sánchez, Eduardo; Castaño Martínez, Antonia; Romero Morales, María Dolores (EDP Sciences, 2001)
      The p-principal points of a random variable X with finite second moment are those p points in R minimizing the expected squared distance from X to the closest point. Although the determination of principal points involves ...
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      Generalized goal programming: polynomial methods and applications  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Fliege, Jörg (Springer, 2002-12)
      In this paper we address a general Goal Programming problem with linear objectives, convex constraints, and an arbitrary componentwise nondecreasing norm to aggregate deviations with respect to targets. In particular, ...
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      Heliostat field cleaning scheduling for Solar Power Tower plants: a heuristic approach  [Article]

      Ashley, Thomas Ian; Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Fernández Cara, Enrique (Elsevier, 2019-02-01)
      Soiling of heliostat surfaces due to local climate has a direct impact on their optical efficiency and therefore a direct impact on the productivity of the Solar Power Tower plant. Cleaning techniques applied are dependent ...
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      Heuristic approaches for support vector machines with the ramp loss  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Nogales Gómez, Amaya; Romero Morales, María Dolores (Springer, 2014-03)
      Recently, Support Vector Machines with the ramp loss (RLM) have attracted attention from the computational point of view. In this technical note, we propose two heuristics, the first one based on solving the continuous relaxation ...
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      Inferencia bayesiana  [Final Degree Work]

      Ortiz Padilla, Íñigo (2018)
      The subject of this document is Bayesian Inference, an inference system based on Bayes’ Formula. In the first chapter we will state this formula and will discuss how to use it. It will be shown that, according to the ...
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      Inferring efficient weights from pairwise comparison matrices  [Article]

      Blanquero Bravo, Rafael; Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Conde Sánchez, Eduardo (Springer, 2006-10)
      Several multi-criteria-decision-making methodologies assume the existence of weights associated with the different criteria, reflecting their relative importance.One of the most popular ways to infer such weights is the ...
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      Locating a competitive facility in the plane with a robustness criterion  [Article]

      Blanquero Bravo, Rafael; Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Hendrix, Eligius M.T. (Elsevier, 2011-11-16)
      A new continuous location model is presented and embedded in the literature on robustness in facility location. The multimodality of the model is investigated, and a branch and bound method based on dc optimization is ...
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      Mathematical optimization and feature selection  [Final Degree Work]

      Casado Reinaldos, Alejandro (2015-06-21)
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      Mathematical optimization and social networks  [Final Degree Work]

      Díaz Mena, Lourdes (2015-06-22)
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      Mathematical optimization for the visualization of complex datasets  [PhD Thesis]

      Guerrero Lozano, Vanesa (2017-06-26)
      This PhD dissertation focuses on developing new Mathematical Optimization models and solution approaches which help to gain insight into complex data structures arising in Information Visualization. The approaches developed ...
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      Mathematical optimization in deep learning  [Final Degree Work]

      Ramírez Ayerbe, Miren Jasone (2019-06)
      Mathematical Optimization plays a pillar role in Machine Learning (ML) and Neural Networks (NN) are amongst the most popular and effective ML architectures and are the subject of a very intense investigation. They have ...
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      Maximal covering location problems on networks with regional demand  [Article]

      Blanquero Bravo, Rafael; Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Gazdag-Tóth, Boglárka (Elsevier, 2016-10)
      Covering problems are well studied in the Operations Research literature under the assumption that both the set of users and the set of potential facilities are finite. In this paper we address the following variant, which ...
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      Máquinas de vector de apoyo: problemas de programación matemática en clasificación  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Martín Barragán, Belén (Sociedad de Estadística e Investigación Operativa, 2005-06)
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      El método de aproximación por media muestral  [Final Degree Work]

      González López, Rafael (2018-06)
      The sample average approximation (SAA) method is an approach for solving stochastic optimization problems by using Monte Carlo simulation. The basic idea of such method is that we can approximate the expected objetive ...
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      Modelo estadístico para la predicción del índice estandarizado de sequía pluviométrica (IESP) en Andalucía  [Presentation]

      Blanquero Bravo, Rafael; Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Pita López, María Fernanda; Camarillo Naranjo, Juan Mariano; Álvarez Francoso, José Ignacio (Universidad de Salamanca, 2012)
      La comunicación aborda el diseño de un modelo estadístico de predicción dinámica de la sequía en Andalucía y su persistencia en un horizonte temporal de 12 meses a partir de los datos históricos (1950-2012) del Índice ...
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      Multi-group support vector machines with measurement costs a biobjective approach  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Martín Barragán, Belén; Romero Morales, María Dolores (Elsevier, 2008-03)
      Support Vector Machine has shown to have good performance in many practical classification settings. In this paper we propose, for multi-group classification, a biobjective optimization model in which we consider not only ...
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      New methods and results in the optimisation of solar power tower plants  [PhD Thesis]

      Ashley, Thomas Ian (2019-12-03)
      Renewable energy technology has seen great advances in recent decades, combined with an ever increasing interest in the literature. Solar Power Tower (SPT) plants are a form of Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) technology ...
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      On minimax-regret Huff location models  [Article]

      Bello Garboza, Lenys; Blanquero Bravo, Rafael; Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José (Elsevier, 2011-01)
      We address the following single-facility location problem: a firm is entering into a market by locating one facility in a region of the plane. The demand captured from each user by the facility will be proportional to the ...
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      Optimal expected-distance separating halfspace  [Article]

      Carrizosa Priego, Emilio José; Plastria, Frank (INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences), 2008-08)
      One recently proposed criterion to separate two datasets in discriminant analysis, is to use a hyperplane which minimises the sum of distances to it from all the misclassified data points. Here all distances are supposed ...